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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

The Death Pool

Pajamas Media, née Open Source Media, née Pajamas Media, nee Tulips Advertising, have we come to this? A death pool? Well, this blog is proof of it. So far, many have expressed their displeasure with the project at virtually every stage of its organization -- from its inception, to the development phase, to its eventual unfortunate launch. (Say, why didn't anybody blog about Judy Miller?) And lately the criticism has come not just from your known enemies, but usual allies, and otherwise disinterested parties.

The website is not a failure yet, but we do expect that it will be soon. Hey Roger, hey Charles: You do realize your website is inferior to virtually every other blog portal/aggregator currently available, right?

Worse than that, it makes no sense at all, even to many people who read and like your personal blogs. It doesn't have a personality. It doesn't update very often, especially considering the 300 70 bloggers involved). The site doesn't even work -- our favorite misstep is the whole Xinhua thing (still there last we checked!).

Nobody knows what it's supposed to deliver, let alone how you'd describe it in a single sentence. The only reason to come back is to see if it's as godawful as it was the last time. (After seeing the OSM logo get X-ed out, it does, and are they trying to compare themselves to Dick Cheney?)

Perhaps most interesting, almost no one knew who Dennis the Peasant, AKA Kenton Kelly was until the last week or so. And sure, he's an asshole. But the force of his narrative has persuaded just about anybody who's read the length of it. Roger says he'd like Kelly's posts read aloud in court? Well, I doubt he'd mind. Not that it'll ever come to that. Chances are you're going to fold.

And: Where are those web ads? Isn't that why everyone got into it in the first place? Hey PJM-affiliated bloggers, have you said anything about this to the head honchos? Haven't any of you blogged about it?

Now that I think about it ... did you notice how not-concerned Luke Ford was with getting knocked out of the company before it launched? If there's a winner in all this, it's him. The rest of you? Simon, Charles, Instapundit, Marc Cooper, Protein Wisdom, Sawicky, Malkin, VodkaPundit, I do look forward to reading you extricate yourselves from this debacle.

And then there's the mostly-Acela -conservative -media bigshots who have signed on. Let's not forget about them: Podhoretz, Ledeen, Kudlow, May, Barone and Bellow -- plus, hilariously, Jane Hall. E tu, Tim Blair? Tammy Bruce isn't surprising.

Oh, and the rest of you. What's your story?

But the rest of us either saw this coming or now know it for what it is. And this whole thing is pretty goddamned fucking funny, if you think about it. So don't take it too personally.

And consider it a complement, OSM/PJMers, that this deserves a death pool.

Details forthcoming...

You can post a comment? What kinda peasant are you, "little blogger"


Put me down for March

Linked ya, but too lazy to do a trackback

What counts as "dead" for the purposes of this pool? Does it have to be "merely dead" or "really, really sincerely dead"? And are you using "The Price is Right" rules? The closest, without going over...?

Put me down for February 14th, 2006. I'd like to give them another meaning to "St. Valentine's Day Massacre".

Since you asked, hon: Girls just wanna have fun. :)


July 14, 2006. Bastille Day!

I'm leaving the Ides of March for DtP

Hardy har har. As the first blogger to ever organize a dead pool, I can tell you your pool thingy is even more lame than Pajamas. I'm gonna take my check and bounce it all the way to the bank. Rock on, dudes.


Thanks, Max!

We understand where you're coming from. As you said, what's the worst that could happen?

And indeed, what is the worst? That's what we're asking YOU.

Ruth Anne:

What will count as "dead" will be spelled out soon. But here's a start:

If the thing folds entirely, we think it should be a statement coming from Simon or Johnson or the "angel" investors.

If there is a break before then, we'll select a link to the post and we'll go with it if the blogosphere thinks that's it. Beyond that, as people announce their departure, we'll count that. Must be verified on a blog or -- though unlikely -- in the MSM. (Then again, is John Podhoretz going to announce it at The Corner?)

If it manages to succeed for its 12-18 months/the full term? That'll be a choice, too. Then we'll announce the winner -- and probably start another death pool...

I'm thinking it won't last the week. Perhaps I'm being unduly harsh.

BTW how about a new CEO by Christmas. I know. It's longer than a week.

Preferably one not a graduate of the Roger "No Written Contract" Simon Hollywood School of Management™

My post today:

Note to OSM, Roger Simon, and the rest of the Pajama Media. Changing your name won't help circulation. Your website sucks and nobody wants to read that shit; Case in point: lead story today is the super scoop (get ready for this one news fans), Merkel voted in as Chancellorwith the sub head, now get really ready: Compiled by OSM Staff in Barcelona. Jesus F. Christ! This is just one of those old magazines you pick up in the doctor's office. Plain bird cage lining in byte form.

Now you're changing your name? Many of the most popular web pages, newspapers, movies, and books have absolutely awful names---The Da Vinci Code anybody?---. It's the content, stupid. Doing something just for the money is the dumbest thing you can ever do in your life, and there is no reason on earth for Pajamas etc. other than the almighty dollar; or in their case, almighty penny. Simon is just another Hollywood fake caught up in his own self importance and selling it to the unwary in typical Hollywood style. Change the name to "Fuck You Just in Case" (or even better, the tried and true "Teenage Sluts dot com") and it might draw a hit or two, but the content better be good or nobody will come back. Oh, the picture above? It was secretly taken at a GOP Senate Leadership meeting and has nothing --- and everything --- to do with OSM.

I'm thinking Sadaam will last longer.

I may have some things to say about this whole OSM/Pajamas thing. :)

Call me contrarian, but I think they'll hang on for a while. Their burn rate can't be *that* high, and $3.5 mil will go a long way.

Don't forget, there's a Congressional election coming up. If PJM can position itself as the "go-to" place for political news junkies, while simultaneously avoiding the appearance of one-sidedness and also somehow placating the ultraconservatives who are its biggest fans, it could actually go somewhere.

My guess? February 2007. Even though I realize this might be the worst prediction since "Dow 26,000".

uh, I meant "Dow 36,000" of course.

I'm thinking of changing my blog name to "Britney Spears Nude" but that would be wrong. Oh so wrong

Put me down for three to five weeks from now (I'll take a reduced payout). I try not to celebrate other's misfortune (unless I can get cheap laughs along the way).

And yesterday, I professed my lack of interest. But, I'm not a quitter. Let's ride this dead horse baby!

Giddyup, yeehah.

The fact that you still see BlogAds at my site should tell you something about the roadmap/timetable for OSM/PM ads.

AnechoicRoom said...

"Put me down for three to five weeks from now.."

Well, gee. As long as "death" remains undefined, and as long as a date range is permissable, put me down for some time between this very instant and 2056.

I'll take my winnings in US $3 gold coins (1857).

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