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Monday, November 28, 2005 

The First Casualty

While we've been considering side-bets for PJM Bloggers leaving, it should be noted that Tim Blair is the first member of the PJM Editorial Board to resign. As of this post he is still listed on the PJM Advisory Board page, and there is no announcement on the PJM site. We're not expecting anything to that effect from them, but we thought we'd mention it anyway.


Okay, let's do this right. Here at PJM Death Pool we're only taking bids on the end of the actual PJM enterprise, but that doesn't mean we can't cross 'em off the list as they go. We start with one refugee from the pre-launch memory hole and today's too-amicable-to-be-realistic bow-out by Mr. Blair ( however a man about whom we hear entirely amicable things):
  1. Michael Barone
  2. Austin Bay
  3. Adam Bellow
  4. Tim Blair
  5. Tammy Bruce
  6. Marc Cooper
  7. David Corn
  8. Richard Fernandez
  9. Luke Ford
  10. Jose Guardia
  11. Jane Hall
  12. Larry Kudlow
  13. Michael Ledeen
  14. Clifford May
  15. John Podhoretz
  16. Claudia Rosett

So who's next? Larry, you've got a TV show to do, you don't have time for this nonsense. David, we know you've been under a lot of pressure about this whole project -- Wolly getting to you? Same question for you, Marc. Barone, don't you have The Big Book of Politicians to start editing?

Maybe a better question is -- who's the last (besides Roger and Charles and the VCs) left holding the bag?

You forgot the grand poohbah, the "Blogfather," the man above men in the blogosphere (and Andrew Sullivan is jealous), editorial board chairman Glenn Reynolds.

January 2, 2006. Maybe the 3rd.

Reason: Tax write offs

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