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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 

Keepin' It Riehl

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Dan over at Riehl World has a nice reaction to yesterday's CSM article on Pajamas Media. After highlighting this passage:
That's what Pajamas Media hopes to find out. Backed by $3.5 million in venture capital, the nascent media company has gathered some of the most highly regarded bloggers on the Internet at one site (osm.org), hoping, as co-founder Roger Simon puts it, "to be the place for breaking Internet opinion."

That readership and notoriety is making these elite blogs attractive to advertisers. Mr. Simon and his partner, Charles Johnson, who writes the popular conservative blog "Little Green Footballs", believe that forming a group of elite bloggers can be an even better moneymaking proposition as their collective site sees its readership and ad rates soar.

Riehl goes on to say:
Amazing ... simply amazing. At this rate, by the time they're done, no blogger is even going to like them, let alone want to work with them. This is blogging - if they continue portraying themselves as they do above, bloggers are going to enjoy giving Pajamas Media a hand.

Talk about over estimating your street cred and significance, Geesh! How can they be that naive? As of now, Technorati is monitoring approximately 22,000,000 blogs - the best of which have likely yet to be discovered, if even started as of yesterday. That the best and the brightest, the heavenly seventy something, as it were, somehow coalesced in an early circle jerk based upon hating Dan Rather is feee-uckin' laughable.

This, gentle readers, is exactly why we started this endevour. If Pajamas Media is going to continue in their arrogant way, the rest of the blogosphere will eventually turn entirely against them, and their endevour will die. We're just keeping tabs on how long, exactly, that'll be.

[Tip O' The Hat: Miss Althouse]