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Sunday, November 27, 2005 

PJM Death Pool Weekend Update

The picks are rolling in, and while we have a couple submissions to iron out, here's the early board as it now stands:
Ruth Anne Adams: February 14
CGHill: April 19
Paul Hallman: April 29
Sean Hackbarth: May 12
ScoopStories: May 15
Gary Kirby: June 9
Note to J. Kenefick and P. Neeman -- we can't locate your picks! Please email us ASAP!

We'll probably update again Monday, so make your picks known -- click here to find out how. We've also had questions about doing a separate pool for the first person to leave. If there's interest (let us know in the comments) we can organize that as a separate pool. You tell us!

But about TA/PJM/OSM/"OSM"/PJM: How about that vibrating kimono hanging over the new-old page, eh? A small improvement? Up to a point. Not to mention the "lively debate" amongst the celebrated elite of the PJMosphere (only one of whom is actually best known as a blogger!) is easily outdone by the message boards at -- wait for it -- pajamasmedia.isfullofcrap.com. And oh yeah, what Althouse said.