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Sunday, November 27, 2005 

We Are Bitter, Pathetic Losers.

Dean Barnett of Soxblog isn't particularly impressed with the PJM Death Pool. First, he sent us this lovely gem:
Pathetic that you would care so much about another's failure. Sad as well. If they fail, it won't make you any less miserable a person than you currently are. Don't you know that?

This is after we solicited his participation. A simple "no" would've sufficed, Dean. Really, we're pathetic because we've taken the time to point out publicly what everyone seems to know? That Pajamas Media is a ship without a course, or even a navigator, and seems unlikely to find either any time soon. Our response was short and simple:
It's called schadenfreude. This is like watching fat people cry, or midgets on bicycles: pure comedy.

If you have to have the comedy value of midgets on bicycles explained to you, well, you're certainly beyond our help. What followed was an extremely personal attack on your narrators. Dean's second response is even less friendly:
Yes, we all fall victim to schadenfreude sometimes, but that's a failing, not a strength. Thus, most of us have the good sense to keep such moments private. You probably know this, which is why you choose not to attach your real or known blogging name to this enterprise.

PM/OSM may well fail, but at least its founders will be able to say they attempted something grand at some point in their lives. Will you?

I doubt it. Such pathetic bitterness could only emanate from an individual whose frustration with himself/herself runs very deep indeed.


That hurts us, Dean. It really does. First of all, we'd like to know where Dean picked up sufficient psychological training to deduce such things from our postings here. Secondly, we'd like to make this clear in case Dean has a reading comprehension problem: Timothy Dreier of The One-Handed Economist is administering the pool funds, and also posts updates to the PJM Death Pool site. He's an analyst at a bank in Texas if you're too lazy to read his about page, finds his job satisfying if somewhat stressful at times, and is just a decent GRE score and application fee away from starting an MBA program locally in San Antonio. This is his girlfriend, she's still in school back at University of Oregon where Tim was once editor of The Oregon Commentator.

Is that good enough, Dean? Or are you just a stiff without a sense of humor who got sucked into what he thought was an advertising program that has totally failed to deliver and feels embarassed about that fact? Project much, Dean?

Some people just have that extra special talent. Sucking the funny out. Until it is shriveled, and wrinkled, and lifeless. Kind of like Pajamas Media.

Just say no little PJM Death Pool. Don't let 'em kill the funny. Please. We beseech you.

We shall not let them destroy the funny. We shall overcome.

A stiff? Perhaps. But I seldom am accused of lacking a sense of humor. You're just not funny.

You are, however, pathetic, supporting your claims to greatness that one of you has a girlfriend. Wow! That's something - here I thought you were virginal computer obsessed losers. You've certainly put the kibosh on any such notions. At least for one of you anyway.

Roger and Charles are trying something audacious and new. You sit on the sidelines carping.

And you're young and they're old. Go figure.

BTW, did you have authorization for publishing our private email correspondence? Yet another sign of the adolescent angst/behavioral issues indicative of this sorry project.

We've never claimed greatness, Dean.

We've only ever claimed to be running a betting pool on when PJM will close up shop.

The girlfriend thing? Totally sophomoric. Why did we do it? Because putting that in the post is just as ridiculous as this whole exercise: it's completely irrelevant to the discussion or the wider world, just like about 90% of what happens in the blogosphere.

Is running a death pool on PJM ridiculous? You bet it is. Why do it? To relieve boredom, mostly. None of us is particularly invested in whether PJM fails or succeeds, and honestly neither is most of the rest of the world. We just thought it'd be a gas to run a death pool, stole the idea from Jeff Jarvis, actually.

As for the email, well, you call us bitter, pathetic losers and expect us not to put it on the internet?

True, I called you "bitter" and "pathetic." For what it's worth, I also called you "frustrated" and "miserable."

But "loser" was all you. Not that I'm quibbling with your apparent self-assessment, mind you. Seems right on the money.

Touche Mr. Bartlett.

We'll have to retire this enterprise to resume our miserable, frustrated crying in our mother's basement.

Sigh; a sense of humour deficit methinks?

Definition of 'audacious', funnywise:

What are a redneck's last words? "Watch this!"

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