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Thursday, December 01, 2005 

And, Finally, Some PJM Advertisements

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Roger L Simon, head cheese in charge of PJM, has finally put up an announcement of Pajamas Media advertising. From Roger's post:
I'm sure everyone has noted that Pajamas Media-served ads are now appearing on this site, as they are on Instapundit today.

That's pretty much the entirety of the announcement. In comments Steven Den Beste points out that the PJM ads are hosted by doubleclick, which is apparently the ad-serving company PJM is using for these ads, and Roger explains that they'll be looking at other ad-servers moving forward.

A brief search of the PJM site returns nothing on advertising other than the advertising information page with contact info for the PJM conglomerate. No announcement that the ads are now live on the main site, an unceremonious announcement on Roger's page and the sudden appearance of the large, unsightly PJM ad on Instapundit.

Strangely, the ads they started with are ads for...Pajamas Media! Apparently this whole closed-to-the-public blog advertising thing doesn't yet have anybody interested. And why would it? There are already BlogAds, a well-established blog advertising which any blog can join and set its own rates. GoogleAds are also effective, and hit a wide-range of targeted segments based upon the content of the pages on which they appear. Perhaps the PJM ads will evolve over time, but it seems as if their first order of business is becoming some sort of blog DrudgeReport. We already have that, it's called Instapundit. See also: HuffPo.

We'll be back with a Pool-related update either Friday or this weekend. Hang tight.

Wow, PJM ads, that's gotta be a paradigms shift, a wathershed event, somewone mus have put the critical mass out side the box to tip that point so throughly,

they have truly left their mark on the world.

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