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Sunday, December 04, 2005 

Death Pool Weekend Update

Click here to enter the PJM Death Pool

Ruth A. : February 14
CGHill: April 19
Paul H.: April 29
Sean H. : May 12
ScoopStories: May 15
Gary K: June 9
Rebecca: July 15
MDHatter: January 2
J Kenefick: April 11 (Thanks to commenter TripleJ63 & J Kenefick for the email)

Total Pool Size: $14

J Kenefick and [Update Above] P Neeman: We still can't find your entry dates, and we've sent you an email to make sure that everybody's dollar goes along with a proper date pick. Please respond, thanks.

At your link for the death pool there are a bunch of comments, one of them says this:
I just bought in. I pick April 11th, 2006. (my buck came from jkenefick1@ you can find the rest in your inbox!)

Posted by JimK | 5:47 PM

Wouldn't this be the J Kenefick you are looking for and the date he has picked for the pool?

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