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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

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Our favorite asshole (we mean that as a term of endearment, for we know he is truly a delicate flower) has something most interesting today. If true, then, it would seem that our earlier altercation with Dean Barnett is par for the course. His source, Jesus's General, has this to say:
It seems that Pajamas Media is influencing some of its more Euro-minded boardmembers for the better. I understand that no less than two of these quasi-Frenchman are emailing their critics with threats of utter ruination.

It's good to see the duo taking cues from the White House on how to handle dissenters. It's even better that they're doing so surreptitiously by email rather than in their blogs--it's so much more Rovian that way. The Nation certainly needs more people like them.

First of all, cudos for the apt turn of phrase.

Secondly, this makes us wonder if we've all suddenly migrated back to middle school. A clique has formed in the blogosphere, a pajama/bathrobe-clad clique, and they've decided that those of us who aren't particularly impressed with their attire should be called "fags" and given swirlies after gym class. Or something like that, anyway.

Are the Pajamadin roaming the hallways of the interweb simply looking for poor outsiders to torture? Will they threaten critics with "utter ruination" or, worse yet, DELINKING? It seems unlikely that it'd be worth the time of most of the PJM bloggers: most of them are professionals in some other field who blog in their spare time, usually blog reasonably interesting things, and get decent traffic; it's a waste to bother trolling like 13-year-olds on IRC.

That said, between Simon & Johnson's treatment of Mr. The Peasant, our interactions with Dean Barnett, Johnson sending sending his commenters after Anne Althouse, Tim Worstall not being able to get a response from PJM Marketing, and assorted other weirdness around the blogosphere, somebody at PJM corporate needs to get a leash on that dog.

We're loath to give out free advice to an organization whose failure we're counting on for our entertainment; but any first-year public relations intern, nay, anyone who's ever worked a single day in customer service, will tell you that each employee interaction with the public influences perception of the brand. Jeff Jarvis gave a lesson to Dell about exactly that, and the PJM folks need to learn the same thing.

Tom Troja was quite sincere, polite, and forthcoming with us, unfortunately the rest of PJM's representatives to the internet hoi polloi don't understand positive branding.

Hrm. Public delinking. No announcements ordering me to do that.

Karl Rove's blackberry must be broken.

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