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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

Pajamas Media Advertising Update

Today we received a reply to our inquiry from Pajamas Media's own Tom Troja. The following is reprinted, with his permission, although his cellphone number has been omitted because, well, unlike some other internet luminaries he was actually quite friendly to us. Here's Tom's first reply:
We are in the process of putting together the media kit with the new numbers of all the blogs. The results really are great. Preliminary numbers from Nielsen project around 16 million page views a month and we are just getting going. We are trying to be extremely accurate with all this as we want to be based on solid reporting at the beginning. That is one of the key reasons we are using Doubleclick. They are only serving ads for us and Dart for Publishers is providing reporting. They are not tracking data, nor are they reselling us nor are we part of their network. We went with them because they are arguably the best in the business for ad serving and reporting.

This makes the relationship between PJM and DoubleClick a little bit more clear. PJM is apparently using DoubleClick solely to serve ads, and hasn't entered their network. As big a problem as many folks on the interweb have with DoubleClick, it's fair to say that they're quite adept at data gathering and reporting. And, if the projected 16 million page views come through (We'd be interested in seeing the core data along with the method used for the projections, but that's likely secret for good reason), that's quite a traffic number. How many people that actually represents is another issue, and one addressed in the post just below this one.

At the very least Tom is a Pac-10 alumn, even if he did go to USC, so he understands the plight of west-coast teams in the damnable BCS.

In other PJM-related news Dennis The Peasant posts his take of Pajamas' news he missed over the weekend while dealing with the passing of his father-in-law. With that heartache fresh, it's also good to know that he still has his day job.

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