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Sunday, December 18, 2005 

A Very Special Weekend Update

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This weekend's pool standings are the same as last week's, so we're going to actually post a bit of content today. Shocking. We know.

Via Ms. Althouse and That Loveable Peasant, we see PJM Bloggers John Cole and Jeff Goldstein acting like petulant junior high schoolers. Cole:
Since it is my website, and I have read your tedious and relentless criticism of PJ (came here via Atrios, your new compadre), and I am fully aware that Althouse is the one who started (mostly) the Open Sores bit, I lumped you two together (in the etc. you can throw in Don Surber, Steve at Hog On Ice, the Commisar e at Politburo, and whoever else you would like- although they have testicles and it doesn't support your sexist thesis). And I told them I didn't want to read any more links to the crap you and your clique of PJ bashers have to say. I really am tired of it.

Goldstein (In reference to other commenter Elmo):
I don't want your respect. I don't need your respect. And you'll never have my respect. And I mean that.

You saw your opportunity, you backed your horse. And as far as I'm concerned, you picked the wrong pony. Live and learn.

But do me a favor and stop mentioning me. It creeps me out.

Cole again (responding to charges of sexism, which we think are cetainly overblown):
would argue they have been behaving like bitter jerks, for whatever the reason, but as they are not female, and the two people I singled out (for the above mentioned reasons- you were linked and Althouse is responsible for the emewrgence of the Open Sores bit), shrew was fitting. But because a descriptor is more appropriate for two women than men does not make the comment sexist.

Had I known that the 'Carnivorous Conservative' would sieze upon the lefty feminist playbook, I would have just stuck with the unisex "Axis of Asshole." It fits nicely.

Dan, when you guys call one of your PJ bashing links being 'Althoused' (ask Moxie)it leaves you open to suspicion that this is nothing more than an attention getting enterprise. There is at least as much evidence (and actually, more) of my throway remark than your charge of sexism.

And this, gentle readers, is what passes for public relations in Pajamaland. Critics are haters, or jealous, or immature, or any number of other things. Look, let us put this as clearly as we can: we read and enjoy many PJM member blogs, but we think that Simon and Johnson are running an ill-conceived enterprise with very little in the way of a plan. That's why we're here, and that's why we're running the pool.

RELATED NEWS: Cole posts, in a post headlined Blog Fights, his version of the Moxie/Peasant/Althouse/Cole/Sexism dust-up.