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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

But I Am Le Tired

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Well well well, it looks like PJM has an Alito blog.

Only it isn't an Alito blog. There is exactly zero content produced there, it's just a round up of Alito coverage from around the blogosphere. And, get this, they incorporate any number of non-PJM blogs. The Moderate Voice, TalkLeft, Radio Blogger and WILLisms just to name a few. These are excerpted, presented on the PJM page, and one would never know without looking at the PJ Blogs list which blogs are actually members of Pajamas Media. Yes, the posts do include links back to the original sources but what, exactly, is PJM providing, then?

All of us in the blogosphere know how to use Technorati, a quick search for "Alito" turns up over 48,000 entries. The PJM "Mondo Alito" (a dumb name if we ever heard one) blog contains fewer than two dozen entries. Are they a filter? Sort of, but their links look like the Alito links from Instapundit or Volokh with a less interesting mix. So, again, what service exactly are they providing?


Dennis The Peasant calls PJM "too dull to mock" and then goes on to talk about losing weight. Best of luck to the fat ass.

A Technorati search on "Pajamas Media" turns up 4700 entries, most of the top ones talking about their Alito "blog" and linking back to it. Nick at LGF Watch posts this list of comments from Little Green Footballs, and we have to say that many of them are pretty disgusting. We find one from "'Nam Grunt" to be particularly odious:
'Nam Grunt 1/12/2006 11:11AM PST
Oh My! Savages killed each other, so what! They do it everyday to innocents that's their 'THANG'!

We will let that speak for itself, but it seems Nick's suggestion to make PJM advertisers aware of the behavior of LGF commenters isn't a bad one.

Moxie says that by 2006 she'd have expected something, anything interesting from Pajamas Media. She mockingly calls out Aubrey Chernick, primary PJM backer. Also, she gets the word "douchebag" into her post, for which we must certainly applaud her.

Th-Th-Th-That's all for now, folks.