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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Death Pool Status: Just Resting

Click here to enter the PJM Death Pool.

In comments to the last post Jeff Jarvis wondered when the PJM Death Pool Death Pool starts, well, feel free to start one Mr. Jarvis.

In other news, your humble narrators have been busy earning their livings and with New Year sorts of things. It's a busy time of year around Death Pool Central.

Anyway, the status of the pool remains the same, at $18. Dennis The Peasant points to Ten Predictions About Pajamas Media, our favorites:
6. John Cole will at long last realize that whining is not the same as debating, but don't hold your breath on this one.

7. By years end, ALL of the Scintillating-70 will have operating ads. By years end, ALL of the Scintilatting-70 will become overwhelmed by the shame of taking an investors money only to be part of the worst thing to hit the internet since Al Gore took credit for inventing it.

Hang tight, gang, we'll be back to regularly scheduled updates soon. One would hope this afternoon or tomorrow, but for now it's back to the salt mines for us.

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