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Sunday, January 08, 2006 

Death Would Not Come

Well folks, it's a bit of a sad day here around PJM Death Pool -- we must announce our first losing contestant: MDHatter, who selected January 2nd for the demise of the stillborn WWW-domination project currently known as Pajamas Media.

Stillborn isn't quite the right word, thanks to the cool million or so keeping it on life support like an unoved Terri Schiavo -- and one only slightly more self-aware.

Apparently they've been aware enough to spend some of that money on spiffy new headline graphics, which is kind of like moving the vegetative patient to a room with a slightly better view. Say, from the parking lot side to the parking lot side with trees.

Anyway, consider this a reminder that the PJM Death Pool remains open to entrants until 2/16/06. That's a bit more than a month. If you haven't entered yet, you may want to act fast and click the button above right -- the patient might not have that much time.