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Sunday, January 15, 2006 

PJM Goes Hollywood

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The good folks over at everyone's favorite doomed media empire have opened up a Hollywood blog. Its name? MONDO HOLLYWOOD, and it even has the cute little kimono/bathrobe thing with some sunglasses. Adorable. Or something!

Apparently the "Mondo" thing is going to be a theme. Wonderful. Now we have the media-to-revolutionize-all-media insistent upon using slang terms that, frankly, we haven't heard in at least a decade. In fact, we cannot recall anyone ever using "mondo" in a non-ironic sense. That's how old it is, we're too young to remember the phrase being cool. What's even better, though, is their introductory headline:

Another opening of another "Mondo" show

That's right folks, scare quotes. Also, just a quick tip, according to our copy of the AP style guide, headlines get single quotes. Anyway, "Mondo Hollywood," which doesn't even have the advantage of rhyme, differs from "Mondo Alito" in a couple of important ways: it has comments, and there is some PJM-original content. You still can't tell which blogs are PJM and which aren't without clicking through their list, but we're sure that in a few months, despite whatever technical difficulties arise, they will have that sorted out.

Also: is this "Mondo" business something those fools got from the branding agency they hired? If so, they got one raw fucking deal.