Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

I Don't Want To Go On The Cart

And another one bites the dust: With the passing of Single Awareness Day, Ruth A.'s February 14th PJM death prediction falls by the wayside. Sorry Ruth, better luck betting against the next foolish media startup.

In other PJM News: Wait, there isn't a hell of a lot. They've dropped the "Mondo" from their in-house blogs and have Launched "China Syndrome", which sounds like a bad Sci-Fi channel movie, and "WMD Files". What they're about is obvious.

The Pajamanistas have become so boring that, frankly, there's nothing to even mock. Even Dennis The Peasant has dropped the All-Raj-All-The-Time schtick in favor of some substantiative posts about his experiences with the Somali community in Ohio. We'll be back more regularly if things ever get interesting. Which we doubt.