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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Dead To Us

Howdy, PJM Death Poolers! Been awhile since we updated this website, it's true. But that's just because we wanted to keep clear and not influence things in case Pajamas Media was about to take a tumble. And because several of you had chosen dates within the past month, we didn't want to influence things any. Here's the several:
    CGHill: April 19
    Paul Hallman: April 29
    Sean Hackbarth: May 12
    ScoopStories: May 15
Unfortunately for everyone, PJM continues about being not actually, literally dead. It's just dead to us.

So CGHill, Paul Hallman, Sean Hackbarth, thanks for playing. Your best hope now is that PJM actually survives (and given all that cash invested, you can never rule out this possibility) and we're forced to refund your money at the end of the year. And that wouldn't be any fun at all.

Gary Kirby (June 9), you're on deck.

PJM has actually been very good lately.

PJM death pool has been fucking lame. idiots.

I'm predicting March 31, 2009.

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